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Basic Pre-requisites required for accessing ElectronicTender System® (ETS)
Essential Computer Security Settings for use of ElectronicTender System® (ETS) would depend upon the browser (ie Internet Explorer or Edge) you would use to access ETS.


Essential Computer Security Settings for ‘Internet Explorer’

Essential Computer Security Settings for ‘Edge’

Note: You must either be logged on to your computer system as 'Administrator' or as a 'User', with sufficient privilege to edit the Security Setting of the Browser, and Windows Registry. In case your computer system is managed, or set up and maintained, by your organization, your organization can set up or restrict certain features, install and block extensions, monitor activity, and control how you use it, you would require support from IT-Support Team of your organization
Note: After making the required setting, restart your Internet Explorer/ Edge and then open URL: ''
ETS Customer Support - Help Desk: +91-124-4229071, 4229072
From Monday to Friday between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM (except Government Holidays/ * Attached List of Holidays)
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